Delivering Digital Momentum

FLYWHEEL (noun) : A heavyweight revolving wheel that provides the energy, stability and momentum to move forward.

Flywheel drives clients forward with business-focused digital innvations programmes and projects.

Strategic Trust

We assemble the best strategic brains suited to the client, business issue and task at hand. We’ve got Enterprise, Technology, Delivery and Brand planning covered.

Results Focused

We understand and solve big client problems, taking an unrelenting focus on business outcomes while building fantastic customer experiences.

Tech Savvy

We love tech, we live it, we breathe it. So we make sure we’re the first to know what’s happening around the world, and then we figure out how to apply new technology to solve real business problems.


Our founders Colin and Mark have worked together for years, consistently delivering major digital projects for major clients. They are completely different people who have successfully fused their complementary skillsets into Flywheel’s complete end-to-end digital delivery offering.


At Flywheel, we know the best people in town to get any job done. Here are just a few of the awesome people we work with to make great things happen.

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If you have a project you’d like to discuss, or just want to know more about what we do, then feel free to drop us a line or just fill in the handy form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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